Cambium Networks in the Hospitality Industry: Supporting Success

By Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks solutions offer the hospitality industry powerful tools to accomplish significant business objectives. Network management options for monetizing Wi-Fi, facilitating guest reviews, and other marketing initiatives increase revenue and expedite returns on investment, and reliable connectivity that delivers fast, user-friendly access supports the paramount goal – a guest experience to return for.

Internet access is very important to guests, eclipsing other metrics for satisfaction such as room service and even cleanliness! Hospitality connectivity begins with seamless coverage for deployments of any shape and size – offering properties the bandwidth each area needs, from high density throughput in conference halls to individual streaming to devices in guest rooms.

With the capabilities of Cambium Networks technology, hotels, campgrounds, theme parks, and resorts can all ensure maximum uptime for their networks and an attractive total cost of ownership.

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Published November 30, 2018