Maximize Wi-Fi Experiences in Multi-Family Properties with Cambium Networks’ ePSK and Personal Wi-Fi Technology

By Bruce Miller   January 30, 2024

Multi-family owners and managers increase demand and occupancy by delivering superior Wi-Fi & Internet connectivity. Today’s residents want the Internet to be high-bandwidth, secure, available anywhere on the property, and ready for them on day one. Enhanced Pre-Shared Key (ePSK) technology enables a secure and ubiquitous property-wide connection available from the moment they move in. Personal Wi-Fi complements this by extending the same security and experience a tenant receives in their private residence to across the property as they roam in public areas.


ePSK is the foundation for personal security by providing unique security credentials to users across a property wide Wi-Fi network. ePSK enhances resident experience by:

  1. Creating a Personal/Private Area Network, or Privacy Bubble, as we often refer to it, for the resident (tied to the ePSK/VLAN)
  2. Enabling access to that PAN and Internet Access immediately upon move-in by onboarding resident devices
  3. Enabling seamless roaming property-wide

Personal Wi-Fi

Personal Wi-Fi uses a unique SSID and unique security credentials (based on ePSK) per tenant across all APs in their private residence. The same credentials and security are then extended across the Wi-Fi network in public areas of the property so that the experience and security level are the same for the user no matter where they are located. The ubiquitous connectivity and seamless roaming are seamless to the user – after they onboard their devices the first time, they never have to worry about it again. Personal Wi-Fi ensures a robust level of security across community living environments. Devices in the tenant apartment – from game consoles to smart speakers to media casting and PCs – all function on the same secure network, avoiding conflicts with Wi-Fi from a neighbor’s living space. Setup is as easy as telling the leasing office the desired Wi-Fi network name and onboarding devices from there.

Why Property Owners Choose Cambium Networks Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Proven Performance: Cambium Networks solutions cover a range of multi-family residential units, high-density areas, and outdoor applications with low- to high-density capabilities.
  • High Reliability: Leveraging Qualcomm enterprise-grade chipsets designed for multi-family residential Wi-Fi, our solutions are optimized for powerful and cost-effective results.
  • Ease of Installation and Management: Quick installation with included mounting brackets, screws, and cables. cnMaestro cloud management ensures automatic configuration and analysis of RF in the vicinity, simplifying planning and management.

Cambium Networks’ ePSK technology and Personal Wi-Fi solutions empower property owners to deliver high-quality connectivity experiences with enterprise-grade security, meeting the demands of modern living in multi-family properties. With proven performance, reliability, and ease of management, our solutions contribute to achieving above-average returns on capital while providing differentiated digital experiences for tenants and staff.