Leverage AI to Defend Your Network

By Vivek L Atreya

Over 50% of cyber-attacks target SMBs. Enterprises see 100+ security breaches every year on average. The first step to securing your devices on your network is to know their vulnerabilities. As the saying goes – You can’t fix what you can’t see!

“The NSE solution is easy to use,” says Steve Cole, Managing Director, Central IT Solutions. “It took me seven minutes or so to get it running on my home network. It picks up everything.”

Now it is easy for you to understand vulnerabilities and prioritize actions. The system leverages generative AI to simplify complex vulnerability descriptions into easy-to-understand summaries. NSE 3000 is a reliable, high-performance SD-WAN router with built-in security. It automatically and continuously performs vulnerability assessments on all of your LAN devices.

NSE 3000 presents you with crisp, actionable data on vulnerabilities present on all of your devices. A built-in scanner continuously monitors your devices and alerts you as soon as it spots vulnerabilities. 

Time-to-Exploit has been decreasing through the years. Known vulnerabilities are being exploited faster than ever. A security research firm discovered that most vulnerabilities were exploited within one to two weeks of being made public. The NSE 3000 is inside your network and does vulnerability assessment runs 24×7. No more waiting for quarterly or half-yearly scans. 

There can be hundreds to thousands of known vulnerabilities on your network. To help you focus your remediation efforts, NSE 3000 ranks the vulnerabilities for you. The system compares vulnerabilities to threat model databases and exploited catalogues to prioritize defects that need immediate fixing. 

See how NSE 3000 improved security and user experiences at holiday parks in this case study.

Vivek Atreya is the Director of Network Security at Cambium Networks

Published December 5, 2023