Exceptional Online Experiences by Design

By Ray Savich

Great connectivity doesn’t just happen. It is the result of understanding the needs of network users, researching available technology, and diving deep into the details of the specific user environment. When everything works, users get online fast and immediately access the information they need. They can then move on. Great engineers help make that happen.

This quarter, we recognize four industry leaders who have applied their skills and experience to deliver exceptional connectivity.

Our goal at Cambium Networks is to deliver the high-performance technology that innovators need to deliver unprecedented value in their business.

The Connectivity Hero Award winners for 3Q 2023 are:

Steve Cole, Managing Director, Central IT Solutions for his work in providing secure Wi-Fi connectivity to holiday park guests.  See how the Pentewan Sands holiday park improved security and guest experiences in this case study.

Steve Dugdale, Wireless Solutions Engineer, Wifinity for his onsite work to create connectivity designs for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint fixed wireless and indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi for holiday parks. Check out the details on how Wifinity easily connects 550,000 guests and 1 million devices.

David Milholen, CTO, Wireless Etc for improving digital experiences for residential subscribers. David shares how they deliver residential broadband services that satisfy customers by leveraging Quality of Experience information.

Ernesto Romero, Director General, Nimbus Networks for leading detailed efforts to test and prove Wi-Fi solutions for enterprise applications. Thanks to the work of his team, enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity solutions work as expected when deployed.

More than 60 people have received the Connectivity Hero Award since 2017. View all of the winners here. While we spotlight these heroes, we know that many more people are connecting the world. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company who is making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

Published December 12, 2023