If It Can Be Wireless, It Will Be Wireless

By Cambium Networks

When the wired and wireless alternatives have similar performance and reliability, wireless generally wins due to convenience and cost. This is exactly what is happening at the edge of the network. Wireless technologies are advancing faster than most people realize. When people think of wireless, they think of mobile or Wi-Fi as a complement to wired networks.

As wireless standards and chipsets advance, radio and software innovations layered on top are delivering huge leaps in capabilities. Wireless solutions can now be both a true alternative as well as an enhancement to wired networks. We are on the cusp of a new generation of wireless connectivity that is going to enable exciting new applications and use cases that most of us haven’t even imagined possible in a wireless world. The timing couldn’t be better given the dramatic increase in demand for broadband performance in the home and accelerating digital transformation initiatives in the commercial and public sector areas.

Wireless is proven to deliver broadband connectivity at the lowest possible cost and fastest possible time to market for:

  • Campus area networks needing high-speed connectivity everywhere
  • Enterprises and service providers looking for an alternative to fiber broadband with 5G fixed technology
  • Service providers seeking economical ways to close their last-mile gaps

In addition to cost, time is becoming a critical factor in network architecture decisions. Waiting for new fiber deployments is often not an option. We now have new construction materials to help address these challenges. The category of materials is our multi-gigabit wireless fabric for the edge of the network. Multi-gigabit wireless can now reach from a few meters to a few kilometers.

The emergence of new wireless communication standards has unleashed massive innovation. Most significant are the 3GPP standard for mobile infrastructure and unlicensed standards for Wi-Fi, including 2.4, 5 GHz and now 6 GHz bands. Cambium Networks is leveraging these standards to build new solutions for our customers, including broadband served from high or low elevations and high-speed indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi. Our multi-gigabit wireless fabric makes these construction materials easy to deploy and exceptionally affordable to operate.

The industry is on a journey towards pervasive wireless connectivity. The economics and convenience cannot be denied. Our strategy to enable this journey hinges on these principles: multi-gigabit speed, automated planning, ease of deployment and operations, speed to service, and affordability. As you look at all of these, these are key differentiations, and the digital inclusion projects across the world, across all governments: they will benefit from this.

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Published October 4, 2021