Get in the Game: Fund Fixed Wireless Expansion with Funding

By Ray Savich

Taking advantage of broadband grants doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be done with fiber. Mountain West Technologies, serving over 8,000 subscribers, has deployed both fiber and fixed wireless technologies in Wyoming. While many may think broadband grants require fiber, Mountain West uses RDOF program funding to deliver 100/20 (100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload) service.

Tim Meads, Network Infrastructure Manager, says, “We are getting those speeds and meeting those regulatory requirements by using the 450m in 3 GHz, and we are able to put anywhere between 25 and 35 subscribers against those sector panels. We are able to deliver the 100/20 without any issue at all.”

A fixed wireless network can be deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of fiber (especially in winter conditions). Service providers can connect customers in days or weeks to quickly open new revenue streams.

Tim Meads of Mountain Wireless Technologies

PMP 450m Fixed Wireless Broadband

The 450m utilizes massive Multi-User MIMO technology in a cost-effective solution. The implementation of MU-MIMO coupled with beamforming technology delivers ground-breaking spectral efficiency and outstanding performance in high interference environments.

  • cnMedusa Massive MU-MIMO technology combines Adaptive Beamforming and multiple RF chains to yield more than 4X throughput, simply by changing the AP Hardware.
  • Multiple RF chains with 8 x 8 Multi-user MIMO system that allows simultaneous communication to up to four subscribers.
  • Integrated 90 degree sector antenna array with smart beamforming with ZERO RF cables to connect or weatherproof.
  • Wideband radio with one SKU to allow operation across entire 3 GHz spectrum.

The CAF II and RDOF Program

The purpose of the funding programs is to expand access to voice and broadband services for areas where they are unavailable by providing “funding to service providers to subsidize the cost of building new network infrastructure or performing network upgrades to provide voice and broadband service where it is lacking.”

The program states the required Performance Tiers*:

  • Minimum: broadband speeds of at least 10 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream; a monthly usage allowance of least 150 GB
  • Baseline: broadband speeds of at least 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream; a monthly usage allowance of at least 150 GB or a monthly usage allowance that reflects the average usage of a majority of fixed broadband customers as announced by the Wireline Competition Bureau annually, whichever is higher
  • Above-Baseline: broadband speeds of at least 100 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps upstream; a monthly usage allowance of at least 2 terabytes (TB)

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Published October 31, 2023