From Hotel HSIA to Hotel HVAW (High Value-Added Wi-Fi)

By Jean-François Fontaine-Boullé

Is guest satisfaction crucial to your business? Are you obsessed with online reviews on TheFork, TripAdvisor or Guest satisfaction is the key issue, whatever the hospitality property you are working for or managing (hotel, residence, cruise ship, hospital, stadium, event, or food chain).

To enhance satisfaction ratings, you may focus on quality, diversity and decoration, but don’t skip the very first amenity guests are looking for among everything else: Wi-Fi! Increasingly, guests are demanding the ability to connect their mobile devices to the web, their own content to TV, and with people in and out of the property without any roaming issues.

Your guests expect seamless access to the wireless internet from the very minute they reach the doors of your property until they check out. This includes the lobby where they will network, the room where they will sleep, the meeting space where they will work, and the swimming pool where they will relax. Around the world “bleisure”  (business and leisure) travel is an undeniable trend.

Be certain that you will satisfy guests with guaranteed 100% Wi-Fi coverage of your estate with the right equipment: corridor access points, in-room wall plates, high-density access points, and omnidirectional and sectorized outdoor antennas.

If your Wi-Fi installation has been deployed more than three years (or if you still rely on one access point per six to eight rooms), you may be already seeing declining satisfaction. As guest behavior, data consumption and technologies have evolved greatly, consider investing again, to align services to current guest expectations and the newest hardware capabilities handling the highest bandwidth, with the largest number of concurrent users and multiple frequencies.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to upgrade, because the technology has been evolving as well. It is important to select the right manufacturer to rely on, a world-class company with enterprise-grade solutions that are affordable by design and offer more than just hardware. Today you can get a cloud controller, a management platform and a basic captive portal, without any recurring fee at all. Cambium Networks makes hospitality Wi-Fi easy and affordable.

Cambium Networks cnPilot™ Wi-Fi solutions challenge the status quo on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). We believe so much in our Wi-Fi antennas that we don’t overprice them, and we want the end users to benefit from the greatest experience, with the ability to control, watch, manage and update all our equipment with one single pane of glass with our cnMaestro™ management system.

See how our Wi-Fi connectivity solutions can transform your guests’ experience in our three-minute video

We give you access to a portfolio of access points (and access switches) meeting 100% of hospitality’s needs and expectations. We also offer a large scope of selected ecosystem partners to work with, regardless of geographies, to get quick ROI with an outstanding guest interface, guest engagement system and monetization platform, not only enhancing guest online reviews and benchmarking competition but also enabling you to cross-sell and up-sell your services at a much faster pace.

Are you looking to wow bleisure guests? Take the first step and contact us. Our technical experts and network of global solution partners will help you experience Wi-Fi that is simple and affordable – the way it should be.

Published October 31, 2018