Free Wi-Fi Cloud Management

By Daran Hermans

Three years ago, Simon bought five new access points for his small business.  Everyone told Simon that he should choose a cloud-managed solution.  And they were right – Simon loves that he can check his network status online when he is traveling.

Now it is three years later, and Simon doesn’t know what to do.  His cloud management contract will expire next month, and the renewal will cost about $300 USD for each access point.  The access points are a full technology generation old, but the cost of cloud management is still the same.  Should Simon renew the contract and also buy new access points?  That will cost nearly $1,000 USD for each access point.  Can he just use the old access points without buying a new contract?  If you already guessed where Simon bought his cloud management, then you already know the access points will turn into a pumpkin at midnight if Simon allows the contract to expire.

Cambium Networks has the solution.  For much less than the cost of a cloud management renewal, Simon can purchase the latest generation wave 2 802.11ac access point with high gain antennas, quad-core CPU and 256MB of DRAM to support his growing business.  What about management?  Cambium Networks will give Simon free cloud management.  That’s right – no charge, no moola, no clams, no cabbage, no cheddar.  Nothing.

The first question we are asked is, ‘What’s the catch?’.  Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro™ is a full management solution for a network with Ethernet switches and cnPilot™ 802.11 wireless access points.  You can sign up for an account here:  Before you rush off to sign up, allow us to describe a few of the features you get:

  • Quick and secure AP adoption for a single AP or bulk AP on-boarding
  • Dashboard view for network health, client statistics, key performance metrics, and alarm notifications
  • World-view map to tag sites to locations
  • Site view to group APs into logical and function groups within the site
  • Profile based provisioning allows simple configuration of single or groups of APs
  • Hierarchical AP groups and sites to manage small to large to distributed networks with thousands of APs
  • Enterprise-grade features including adaptive RF management, load balancing, band steering, off-channel scan control, fast roaming
  • Built-in troubleshooting tools like remote packet capture and background noise and signal level scanning to quickly ‘see’ the network environment
  • No more searching a support site and typing in a serial number or customer code – updated firmware is posted automatically to the cloud account and ready to deploy at your discretion
  • Firmware updates can be pushed from cnMaestro cloud management to each AP in the network

Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro is not a limited function, experimental cloud management, but rather a platform that is built on a modern cloud stack, that delivers horizontal scaling running on globally distributed cloud data centers.  As of this blog writing, nearly 250,000 devices in 115 countries are managed by Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro in the cloud – and growing each day – with hundreds of thousands more managed using cnMaestro from an on-premises instantiation.  We know that your business is the most important thing to you.  So, enjoy your bath Simon, and leave the free cloud management up to us.

Find a Cambium Networks partner here and upgrade today.

Published October 30, 2018