Digital Learning Environments that Just Work

By Cambium Networks

When students cannot access learning, they go off task, teachers go into crisis mode and IT teams cannot get there fast enough. Schools feel that they cannot afford to deliver great wireless to connect multiple devices per student. Reliable and efficient Wi-Fi removes the frustration and anxiety from the classroom.

In schools, students are always the priority. The most strategic assets in education are the educators. A classroom teacher has a lot to do to engage students, meet education standards and individualize learning. The teacher is not the IT specialist, and when there are IT issues, learning stops. Schools need robust and reliable Wi-Fi to deliver engaging and productive learning experiences.

The second most strategic classroom asset is the network. The success or failure of the classroom educational environment fundamentally depends on the ability to provide a high-quality experience without exception. This includes connectivity for students, faculty, staff, IoT devices and guests. Traditionally, school districts view the IT infrastructure as an expense or a necessary evil.

Many professionals share this feeling, and Cambium Networks is taking action. One of the points in my recent blog on 2020 predictions is that network operators will seek solutions that minimize the overhead of managing connectivity:

  • Less Resources to Manage the Network – Network operators will leverage “plug and play” solutions that can be rapidly deployed to meet requirements without the need for time-consuming planning, provisioning, installation and troubleshooting. This “Zero-IT” approach will foster networks that have a higher level of automatic management and are self-propelling.

Our mission is to enable school districts to build the strategic infrastructure that enhances the educational environment and unlocks resources that enable better and more effective learning. We want to enable schools to provide their faculty, students and staff with a consistent user experience; meeting the requirements of today’s hyper-connected, hyper-knowledge-sharing educational environment that they navigate.

Cambium Networks makes digital learning with Wi-Fi easy and affordable. Our Wi-Fi solutions are purposely designed for the connectivity needs of modern schools, enabling a simple, scalable network that performs immediately and does so at a significantly lower total cost of ownership. We can also provide an equitable strategy to face the transition as new 802.11ax technology appears in devices in the classroom.

Our teams are working closely with educators and education IT teams, and the results are measurable:

  • “Cambium Networks offered us what other alternatives couldn’t: a cost-effective solution with phone-based technical support and a five-year warranty. Students and staff are pleased with the speed and reliability of the network.” —Neil Tunnicliffe, Deputy Headteacher, St. John’s Primary School
  • “Now, learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Students can connect to the Xirrus Wi-Fi network to do homework from anywhere on campus.” —Bastiaan Groeneveld, Dunamare Education Group

Our solutions are simple to deploy, scalable to connect schools or entire districts and economical to minimize the cost and complexity of site preparation and management. Learn more about our solutions for education or visit with our specialists at the BETT conference in London later this month.

Published January 15, 2020