Crosstalk Solutions Reviews Cambium Networks ePMP 2000

By Ray Savich

At Cambium Networks, we strive to offer our partners and customers the very best in wireless broadband connectivity solutions, and we’re honored to receive a comprehensive review from IT consultant and YouTuber Chris Sherwood of Crosstalk Solutions. Crosstalk surveys Internet technology from several major manufacturers, and is not compensated by any company for his insights.

Chris takes an in-depth look at our ePMP 2000 solution from setup to application, explaining the equipment in terms of both hardware specifications and capabilities – what it is, what it does, and how – in an engaging manner highly approachable for both IT specialists and consumers alike. It’s an antenna solution intended for wireless Internet service providers that offers reliable, customizable connectivity with the flexibility to scale as the WISPs customer base grows.

This review covers all the bases, offering observations and pointers for successful deployment of the solution, plus tips on how to set up and get the most from ePMP with cnMaestro™ network management system, Cambium’s cloud-based controller that manages security settings and monitors performance.

Our favorite excerpt from this great video, from Chris to viewing WISPs: “by starting out with something more robust like this ePMP setup, you’re really setting yourself up for future success. Because not only can you have more subscribers per antenna overall, but the additional features that they’ve built in, such as the GPS synchronized frequency reuse, means that even after you’ve hit the maximum of what this one antenna can do, you can start to scale sideways even in the same frequency range by adding more antennas that aren’t going to interfere with each other.”

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Published February 23, 2018