Making Connections for Happy Forever Homes

By Ray Savich

What do cats and connectivity have in common? In Pagosa Springs, Colorado, it’s the power of Wi-Fi. Cambium Networks ePMP solutions support efforts to find loving homes for animals in need. With the help of wireless service provider Skywerx, the Humane Society of Pagosa Springs gets a huge boost in connecting furry companions with loving homes, organize volunteers and donations, and cooperate with other shelters to find the best solutions to animal welfare issues.

The HSPS is a very active business, and high-speed Internet plays a significant role in operations. Shelter manager Elizabeth Andreas describes the necessity for connectivity: “We order all of our supplies and medications online. For each animal adoption, we have an online form that people fill out. We review each application to verify the animal is going to a good home. Reliable broadband connectivity enables us to achieve our goal.”

“Connectivity touches everything we do,” said Andreas. “It contributes to us finding and taking care of animals, and helps good homes find the animals we have ready for adoption.”

About Skywerx: Skywerx is a locally owned Wireless ISP (WISP) serving southwest Colorado, providing high-speed wireless broadband connectivity to the Humane Society and 1,300 other business and residential subscribers in the area.

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Published March 3, 2018