Connectivity Helps Save Lives

By Cambium Networks

The whole world has been watching the rescue of the boys and their coach trapped in the cave in Thailand. We are all glad that they have been returned to safety and are recovering. We are also grateful for the tireless effort of the response teams who persisted in the rescue mission.

While the boys and their coach recover, details are unfolding on the rescue efforts and the individuals who contributed to the complex rescue operation.

As is the case in any disaster recovery effort, connectivity plays a key role in coordinating response teams to best help people in need. Helping to coordinate the underground rescue effort were teams above ground with wireless connectivity supplied by KING IT and operated by 3BB, the local telco. Working together, they created a hotspot at the cave entrance with Wi-Fi connectivity provided by Cambium Networks’ cnPilot™ outdoor access points.

The images show the conditions of the operation area. Cambium Networks is working with KING IT to develop a solution paper detailing the specifics of the deployment, so that other network operators and first responders can benefit from their experience and help others in the future. Please look for this in my next blog.

We are very grateful to have contributed connectivity technology to this amazing effort. We are thankful for our global partners and service providers who answer the call for help and make a difference.


Published July 12, 2018