cnPilot™ Enterprise Outdoor: Winning with Wi-Fi for World Cup Viewers

By Cambium Networks

For soccer fans in Sofia, Bulgaria, a 1,600 seat viewing arena was erected for local spectators to enjoy live broadcasting of the 2018 Football World Cup games, delivering high capacity Wi-Fi with cnPilot™ e501s 802.11ac Enterprise Outdoor access points, managed by cnMaestro™.

“First, we calculated the expected Wi-Fi users based on Cambium APs specifications, then we did an on-site survey using several devices and signal metering, finally using a planning tool to predict the Wi-Fi coverage”, explains the deployment’s ISP, Radio Transmission Systems.

The viewing arena occupies the site of the former Yunak Stadium, located near National Stadium “Vasil Levski” – where the cnPilot APs are actually deployed. These APs easily reached the adjacent live-streaming area, equipped with integrated 90-120 degree sector antennas that focus coverage with less interference than omni-directional alternatives, reducing hardware costs and streamlining installation.

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Published July 13, 2018