Connected Along the Journey

By Cambium Networks

Years ago, the internet was referred to as the “information highway.” The technology is now here to make that metaphor a reality that can span entire countries to connect dense urban areas and isolated remote locations. National highways connect industries, cities, small villages and vacation destinations. By using the right of way of the highway to install a high-speed connectivity backbone, transportation departments can not only increase the safety and efficiency of the highway but also change the quality of life for each business, village and residence along the path.

Of course, wireless connectivity improves the safety and efficiency of the highway itself:

  • Video surveillance to monitor traffic and road conditions
  • Wireless connectivity to emergency call boxes along the route
  • Connections to road maintenance depots to coordinate services
  • Wi-Fi at rest areas
  • Wi-Fi hot spots at road construction sites to connect workers on site
  • Digital signage to advise motorists of construction or weather conditions
  • Road sensors for weigh stations or to monitor bridge integrity

By leveraging the connectivity backbone, connectivity can also be provided to remote industrial facilities and small villages. Industries can connect their processing plants to increase production efficiency, implement Internet of Things (IoT) automation, and improve employee safety.

Leveraging the backbone also enables connectivity for schools, hospitals, smaller businesses and residents in smaller towns along the highway where internet connectivity is scarce. This would bridge the digital divide and provide the same high-speed connectivity that is common in urban centers, improving opportunities for small businesses and students in remote areas.

Any highway can now literally become an “information highway” with cloud-powered intelligent edge communications because wireless connectivity can be rapidly deployed to provide a wireless fabric including  high-capacity backhaul along the route while using wireless distribution networks to connect across a given area and offer indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access. Cambium Networks can provide the wireless radio technology and also the planning tools and cnMaestro™ end-to-end management system that makes it easy to install, provision and monitor network performance.

Challenge us with your vision of a smart highway, and we will show you what can be done with wireless connectivity. Contact us or post your idea to our community.

Published June 21, 2018