Congratulations to Graduates of Cambium College 2018

By Amanda Kowalik

Cambium College is a free education program designed to educate people on wireless broadband technology. The goal of Cambium College is to foster interest in communications technology and become conversant in wireless technology to help them prepare for a career opportunity in the industry.

The program is comprised of eLearning modules and recorded webinars to make it easy for busy people to access information. It is NOT a product pitch. Wireless industry experts from Cambium Networks’ design and development team share their years of experience to familiarize people around the world with the math and physics concepts involved in designing and operating a wireless broadband and Wi-Fi network.

Cambium College 2018 came to a close last week with great success. 974 people expressed interest in the program, of which 349 people from 48 different countries around the world completed at least one course and 124 people completed the entire program.

Congratulations to each one of our graduates.

The reviews are in:

  • One person from Nigeria found the information on Wi-Fi Fundamentals “Quite enlightening” and thought the Parts of a Radio provided a “nice background information and very informative.”
  • Another person for the United States said, “Lots of good information here. I recommend it to anyone needing to get familiar with Radios.”

Plan to attend the next class. In early 2019 we will be launching the next version of Cambium College with updated content and an enhanced learning experience through Cambium Learnings new online platform accessible at

I invite you to join next year’s session. If you would like to receive more information when registration opens please send an email to

Published September 24, 2018