Cambium Networks Supports Rugged Networks with Cat 5e Cable

By Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks Category 5 Enhanced (Cat 5e) Cable offers unsurpassed performance for challenging deployments. Outdoor networks demand equipment that defies the elements, ensuring durable connections to enable steadfast connectivity, and Cambium strives to supply network operators with the components they can rely on to get the most from their networking solutions.

All wireless broadband networks face the common challenges of adequate throughput, interference, and configuration – all of which can be overcome with the correct selection of hardware and software. Outdoor networks, however, require more specialized features to ensure success. Not only do the solutions themselves need rugged housing to protect the internal components from environmental conditions, but radios, subscriber modules, and antennas require cabling as durable as their own exteriors.

Cambium Networks Cat 5e cables are subjected to rigorous verification testing against conditions that compromise many other types of connectors – extreme temperatures, water exposure, power fluctuations and surges, mechanical intervention, and more – and have been field-proven in demanding, critical networks around the world.

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Published September 21, 2018