Breaking Boundaries to Change Lives

By Morgan Kurk

Amazing things happen when creative and intelligent people have tools they trust. They shatter boundaries. They investigate ideas that challenge the status quo for performance and affordability. And they share their innovations to propel the industry. Everybody wins.

This quarter, we recognize five leaders who have created templates to improve communications for service providers, municipalities, education, hospitality, and industrial operations. Instead of settling for “more of the same,” they have piloted high-value performance solutions that deliver “more for less.” Our goal at Cambium Networks is to deliver the high-performance technology that innovators need to deliver unprecedented value in their business.

  • Brett Lasher, GM, Cox Private Networks, for leading cities in deploying cost-effective smart technologies to improve public safety and create healthier and more connected environments. Cox Private Networks partnered with the City of Las Vegas to enhance public safety, creating safer spaces for residents, businesses, and visitors to live, work, and play. Cox deployed a private wireless network in downtown Las Vegas, covering eight city blocks in the popular Fremont Street area. The initial solution powers video cameras and real-time data analytics to improve safety and security while providing the foundation for even more smart city applications in the future. Read more in this press release.
  • Tim Meads, Network Infrastructure Manager, Mountain West Technologies (MWT), for sharing his network and experiences to pilot Cambium Networks’ development of fiber PON solutions. Tim says, “As Network Infrastructure Manager at Mountain West Technologies, I collaborate with many of my fellow experts in the field and regional carriers. I have the ability to research, test, and decide which technologies are the best tools for the job, and my focus is to ensure MWT’s network is the most robust network that will provide our customers with the best user experience at the greatest value. I’m blessed to have a strong team of creative talents with a passion for our mission and amazing relationships with manufacturers allowing us to achieve year-after-year growth.” Read more in this press release.
  • Colombian Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC), for connecting thousands of schools across Colombia. The Centros Digitales project, the most ambitious rural connectivity project in the history of Colombia, provides free, high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity to 7,468 hard-to-reach rural schools across the country. In addition to connecting schools, MinTIC has enabled people living in these rural areas to now find within walking distance of their homes a point to connect their devices and be informed, access online services, take advantage of e-commerce, and share research information to boost local economies, currently based on agriculture and livestock. Read the details in this press release.
  • Dr. Eng. Mosad Badr, Field Telecom General Manager, Khalda Petroleum Company, for improving the performance and cost efficiency of digital monitoring and communications to improve safety and security of oil operations in western Egypt. They increased the network bandwidth by a factor of 13 to enable CCTV and remote monitoring across their 29 remote oil fields in Egypt while reducing operational cost. Read more in this case study.
  • The Wifinity team for connecting 550,000 unique account registrations and in excess of 1 million devices via fixed wireless infrastructure with a major holiday park operator in the UK. The team makes holidaying in the UK a memorable and special experience for all the hundreds of thousands of guests they serve every year. Wifinity is proud of their industry-leading services and resultant Trustpilot rating that make Wi-Fi and networking great in the UK Holiday Park sector. Read more in this press release.

More than 60 people have received the Connectivity Hero Award since 2017. View all of the winners here. While we spotlight these heroes, we know that there are many more people connecting the world. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company who is making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

Published September 14, 2023