A Thrilled Customer Shares Their Jerky

By Cambium Networks

He was very, very happy and loaded us up with jerky.” – A wireless service provider describes a recent home installation.

That level of joy in end customers is something that many broadband service providers who deploy wireless technology from Cambium Networks see on a regular basis.

At Cambium Networks, we have been providing wireless connectivity for decades. Like our network operator customers, we know that one size or technology doesn’t fit all applications. Wireless operators know their customers, the local geography and available technology. They also understand exactly how to get the highest performance out of the system while providing reliable service at affordable prices. They know how the different technologies map to their customer needs.

To connect rural locations in dense foliage, an operator deploys our 2.4 GHz ePMP and 900 MHz PMP 450i wireless solutions. “Our WISP is about as rural as it gets. A smattering of small towns with junk DSL where they are lucky to get 3 meg,” states Riverrat on the Cambium Community. When they installed fixed wireless broadband equipment from Cambium, “it’s been solid as a rock and has never dropped session, even during an ice storm.”

To connect in dense urban locations, our millimeter wave wireless solutions provide multi-gigabit speeds in urban areas at a fraction of the cost of a fiber infrastructure. “Until now, it required an expensive construction project to retrofit a congested, existing infrastructure,” says Cameron Kilton, Chief Technology Officer of Nextlink. “Now, we can significantly compress the time involved to achieve multi-gigabit connectivity without breaking the bank.”

Right now, wireless technology is making a difference in the lives of teachers, students and people working from home in both rural and urban areas. Not all end customers go so far as to share their homemade jerky. We love to hear stories of how you have connected people with wireless and helped make their day. I invite you to add your story to this community thread and show how Cambium wireless technology rapidly connects your people, places and things.

Published December 17, 2020