5G, Wi-Fi 6 and CBRS Unleash Millions of People and Machines

By Cambium Networks   February 12, 2020

The very image of a tether suggests an idea of confinement. Instead of being free to roam, a favorite pet is restricted to one space. Today, everybody is connected, and they shouldn’t be on a tether. Wireless technology is offering Gigabit speeds that will challenge the notion that high-speed requires fiber infrastructure. Imagine being able to put away the leash.

The recent SiliconANGLE article, How three wireless technologies will soon ignite the edge computing revolution states, “A trio of new technologies is set to redefine wireless networking. That, in turn, could change the way enterprises think about how they build applications, manage data, distribute computing resources and even deploy robots and factory floor machinery.” The article calls out 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). This echoes predictions from my blog post on 2020 technologies. Millimeter wave and mesh technology in 5G architectures will prove that the last 20 kilometers of the access network can be reliably covered with wireless technology for both service providers and enterprise private network operators.

At Cambium Networks, we listen carefully to the needs of network operators who provide bandwidth at costs that make sense for their business. Our goal is to make it easy to deliver mission-critical wireless connectivity and increase the services delivered per Hertz of spectrum. We work closely with customers to address both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access and fixed wireless broadband use cases.

To address the emerging technologies mentioned in the article, Cambium Networks will offer three solutions:

  • 5G – Our 60 GHz millimeter wave solution will deliver wireless Gigabit capacity to the edge of the network. This solution will enable network operators to deliver fiber speeds without the labor, time and cost of deploying fiber infrastructure. Cambium Networks’ millimeter wave 60 GHz technology will deliver more speed per Hertz than competing technologies.
  • Wi-Fi 6 – Our 802.11ax solutions will be arriving soon, and we are working with network operators to migrate to new technology while protecting their current investment. Cambium Networks’ implementation of Wi-Fi 6 features software defined radios and purposeful design to protect the operators’ investment today and adjust for higher performance as Wi-Fi 6 client devices proliferate over the next two years.
  • CBRS – We have recently launched commercial access to CBRS. Cambium Networks is a leading supplier of fixed wireless in the 3.5 GHz band. As a result, this capability will be achieved via an over-the-air upgrade to network operators.

Cambium Networks is also experienced enough in wireless technology to fully understand that “one size doesn’t fit all.” We gained our RF experience from thousands of installations worldwide. Our goal is to deliver superior solutions that are simple to use, scalable to grow and affordable. We achieve this by leveraging our experience and the technologies best suited to the application. Our solutions offer Gigabit throughput, software defined radios, high user capacity for convention centers and schools, high spectral efficiency, interference mitigation, and end-to-end network visibility with our cnMaestro™ cloud management. All these technologies provide consistently reliable connectivity that satisfies network operators.

We invite you to challenge us. Explore our solutions. Give us an opportunity to show you how Gigabit wireless connectivity can unleash the power within your network.