Around the world, governments now sponsor “Smart Cities” initiatives to increase safety and improve city services. These programs prioritize technologies that measurably improve the quality of life and efficiency of communities, while also reducing costs.

Smart City networks can be any size and density. In fact, some of the most dramatic achievements have been made in smaller communities where applications are deployed in “greenfield” environments.

Wireless gigabit is a fraction of the cost of fiber implementation. Even if fiber is your ultimate plan, wireless serves as a backup in the event that fiber is cut due to construction. The reliability, speed, simplicity of deployment, secure management and ease of maintenance make wireless a great start for Smart City initiatives.

Smart Cities That Just Work – With Wireless

High-density architecture reduces the equipment required while leveraging automation to deliver SLA. XV3-8 includes seamless roaming, fast roaming, automatic RF optimization and interference avoidance to automatically optimize performance to specific local needs. 

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The cnVision lineup varies from long-range, mid-range and short-range. cnVision comes with 360-degree coverage with all-weather outdoor options. Connect up to five miles with the HUB FLEXr. Configuring the network is easy, and you can connect several locations.

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