PTP 650 Pike’s Peak


PTP 650 connected from Pike's Peak to Cheyenne, Wyoming in a single 245 km link.

WE’RE ALWAYS LOOKING TO PUSH THE LIMITS OF WIRELESS BROADBAND, REACHING farther than ever before to provide high-quality connectivity where it previously did not exist. The first step in bringing connectivity to such locations is setting up a PTP link. To demonstrate the capabilities of our latest PTP backhaul solutions, Cambium Networks connected a point-to-point link from the top of Pike’s Peak, Colorado to just south of Cheyenne, Wyoming - a distance of 245 km (152 miles). For reference, that’s about the same distance from Paris to Brussels. To make the link more challenging, the link’s path passed directly over the densely populated Denver metropolitan area, where RF noise and interference had to be overcome. We added this complication to test our technology’s ability to mitigate interference, in addition to its ability to provide voice and video connectivity over a great distance.