The Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) has three subsidiaries: GVEC Home which sells and services home appliances and HVAC units, GVEC.net offering high speed wireless Internet, and the Guadalupe Valley Development Corporation (GVDC) which supports local economic development. In 2007, GVEC.net’s concerns for their network infrastructure and surrounding coverage area were mounting. Not only had a slew of new ISPs popped up throughout their service area, but most were using Wi-Fi technology which was creating a lot of radio frequency (RF) noise in the bands they were occupying. They needed an alternative solution that would offer more reliability in challenging environments while providing a way to scale their network for additional capacity and improved quality of service. Additionally, they needed a broadband solution that would allow them to cost effectively serve the under-served and rural populations that had been left behind by other providers.