CEO Technologies Serves Up Industry-Leading Connectivity Across Large Texas Developments

When two sprawling campus developments in Texas faced different Wi-Fi challenges across their similarly large sites, they turned to CEO Technologies for the right solutions to create a seamless user experience.


For large developments with multiple buildings featuring residential, commercial, and outdoor components, seamless Wi-Fi connectivity is imperative for providing a customer-centric, satisfactory experience across the site.

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Mobility across larger sites presents a unique challenge when it comes to designing a network infrastructure that connects widely varying units, multiple buildings, and even remote areas of a site. Furthering the complexity of these sprawling sites, many masterplan developments target a high-end customer base that requires elevated customer experience. Add to that the density challenges of multiple buildings on many large campuses and you can see how things quickly get interesting for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) working with various large-site clients. How do large campuses and multi-use developments create reliable connectivity through customized Wi-Fi solutions?

Enter CEO Technologies, who often partners with Cambium Networks to deliver a customized solution for large sites. Having recently wrapped up two large development projects in Texas with great results, CEO understands a thing or two about handling network demands for large sites with multiple tenants.

For one large Texas campus site, CEO was called upon to address inadequate and inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity across an existing site. In the case of this campus, while budget was a concern, the primary goal was creating quality user experience and consistent connectivity across the entire site, including 22 buildings.

Leveraging their expertise in large-scale wireless solutions, hardware refreshes, and IT managed services, CEO was able to vastly improve resident experience and get the customer’s network improvements done in record time.

For a second client with another sizeable site, this time a luxury mixed-use masterplan development, CEO designed a fiber network as part of the overall construction of the development. With a high-end customer base that demanded great connectivity as they moved around this lifestyle concept of homes and apartments, commercial office, retail, golf, and other amenities, CEO is deploying a solution to make the developers‘ vision come to life just in time to help bolster sales for the client and bring value for incoming tenants.

To finish it off, CEO took it a step further for both clients, providing concierge-level technical support for every portion of the clients’ networks, every subscriber, and every scenario – for true turnkey service and reliability. And with CEO’s uniquely designed program for Multi-Family Property owners, each client now has the opportunity to share in the profits of tenants’ internet subscriptions, offsetting the cost and providing measurable ROI for their investments in their network