Marrying medieval with 21st century to deliver broadband across Hereford

Quick Look

Herefordshire-based allpay Limited set up allpay Broadband as a commitment to its local community. With 57% of Hereford’s postcode areas having the potential to receive broadband (up to 2Mbps), the company knew it could make a difference and tackle the digital exclusion in the county head on. Realising that allpay Broadband could help communities across Hereford access fast and reliable wireless broadband, it looked to provide a solution that that was easy to deploy, while being economical. Having previously worked together on a similar project in Tuscany, allpay Broadband enlisted the help of Cambium Networks.

“Broadband accessibility is a real issue for thousands of homes and businesses across the county so this is huge leap forward for us. This is a local company taking on a local problem, with a simple yet workable and effective solution - our residents and we’re thrilled with the results,” Anni Holden, Director of Communications at the Diocese of Hereford.