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cnRanger 90 Sector Antenna

The cnRanger 2.5 GHz sector antenna provides up to 16 dBi gain and can be utilized for 90° coverage or 120° with 3 dBi roll off. Includes RF cables and RRH direct-mount hardware.

cnRanger SM

The cnRanger™ Subscriber Modules (SM) are highly compact and cost-effective LTE Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) designed for ease of installation, onboarding, management, and monitoring. Available as 2.5 GHz Cat 4 integrated flat panel, or a High Gain integrated parabolic reflector dish (for either 2.5 GHz or 3 GHz (including CBRS)).…
2.5 GHz
3 GHz

cnRanger 800 BBU

The cnRanger™ 800 BBU is an 8TX/8RX indoor (or cabinet installation) unit designed for installation at the base of cnRanger LTE sites.
2.5 GHz
3 GHz

cnRanger RRH

The cnRanger™ 2×2 RRH supports frequency range 2300-2700 (LTE bands 38, 40, 41) and 2W per port.
2.5 GHz
3 GHz
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