EasyPass offers unparalleled simplicity with robust security. Benefits include:

Easy Access for Today’s Connected World

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables, IoT —with the massive proliferation of wireless devices, connecting to a network needs to be as easy as possible. Cambium EasyPass combines security and simplicity, allowing guests and visitors to easily connect to the network on their own. BYOD users can securely self-onboard multiple devices, and employees can join the networking using their Microsoft or Google credentials. Large volumes of IoT devices can connect with a purpose-built onboarding solution that is scalable and secure.  

Streamline IT Operations

Reduce IT administrator workload by automating Wi-Fi connections and minimizing the burden for support. With just a few clicks, Wi-Fi access services can be easily configured and deployed. User and device access can be monitored to ensure appropriate network usage and compliance.

Ensure Data Protection

Cambium EasyPass enables personal device onboarding using individualized, not shared, credentials to maximize security. Users can connect and communicate privately on public networks with full encrypted security.

Simplify BYOD

Makes the Wi-Fi connection experience virtually seamless—no need for users to download applications or install certificates, and no technical expertise required. Employees can easily and securely connect personal devices to the corporate network using Microsoft, Google, or private IT-issued credentials. 

EasyPass Access delivers device agnostic, user specific access to Wi-Fi

Single Sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps

Combine Wi-Fi access with Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace authentication to allow quick SSO to the Wi-Fi network and domain resources. Block network access until users are authenticated against the Microsoft or Google ecosystems for added security.

Works Seamlessly with Any Device

EasyPass supports any type of device and operating system including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops operating with iOS, Android, Windows, and Apple OS X. Integrated with the cloud or on-premises based cnMaestro Management System, EasyPass simplifies IT tasks:

  • Streamline operations with cloud-based service
  • 5x fewer steps to onboard devices than competitive solutions
  • Integrate directly with Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace with single sign-on 
  • No agents/certificates/applications required on devices
  • One-click portal for simple guest access
EasyPass Onboarding

Because there are no applications to download or certificates to install, EasyPass Onboarding makes it simple for employees to securely connect their personal devices to a corporate network with no IT assistance. Each user or device is issued their own unique security credential. 

EasyPass Guest

Allow guests to self-register or use their social media credentials to connect. Give IT administrators full visibility into guest activities and the control to enforce access policies from anywhere throughout the cloud.

EasyPass for cnMaestro Managed Networks


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