WISPs Have a Way to Win with Fixed Wireless

By Cambium Networks

Wireless ISPs (WISP) have for years been doing a great job of providing reliable and affordable connectivity with fixed wireless broadband technology. Recently, the FCC and the NTIA have declared that fixed wireless service relying entirely on the unlicensed spectrum is not reliable. Unfortunately for WISPs, areas where “reliable” services are not available are considered “unserved” and are eligible for BEAD funding for overbuilds which threaten the WISPs’ customer base.

We highly value our deep relationships with WISPs. For decades, these professionals have been instrumental in providing input to our development plans for the service provider market. Thanks to our continuing dialog with WISPs, Cambium Networks has solutions that are available today.

The BDC data specifications in Section 4.1 Technology code 71 state that the entirety of solutions using the CBRS (both PAL and GAA) spectrum are considered reliable. Therefore, areas covered with fixed wireless in the CBRS spectrum are considered “served” and are not eligible for funding for overbuilds.

Only Cambium Networks offers the combination of fixed wireless solutions in the CBRS frequency bands and cnHeat™ network planning software with Broadband Data Collection (BDC). The latter automates the process of providing highly accurate data to the FCC and can be used for any FWA network (not just Cambium based). We also make it easy for WISPs to get started with our CBRS starter kit promotion.

Using these solutions, available now, WISPs are able to rapidly plan and deploy licensed fixed wireless solutions that will meet FCC requirements and block funded overbuilds. They will be able to continue providing reliable and efficient connectivity solutions to their business and residential subscribers.

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Wireless ISPs (WISP) are part of the strength of the communications industry and their communities.  They know their customers and the deep details of fixed wireless technology. They have an innate desire to provide reliable broadband service at competitive prices. We at Cambium Networks are always here to help service providers. Please don’t hesitate to Contact us about your business.

Published August 11, 2022