Wi-Fi Made Easy

By Cambium Networks

Wi-Fi connectivity is about much more than access points and devices. As we mark World Wi-Fi Day on June 20, we know that no enterprise or municipality can find or hire enough IT technicians to meet the explosive demand for connecting people, places and things. Wi-Fi solutions need to scale. At Cambium Networks, our passion is to deliver top-notch online experiences that make it easy to fit today’s need for lean IT teams and tight budgets. We and our global partners are glad to be doing our part to make it easy to succeed.

One outstanding example of the difference that Wi-Fi can make is the success of the European Commission’s WiFi4EU program. The program clearly demonstrates how Wi-Fi improves the economy and quality of life in municipalities. As an example, the city of Nidda, Germany built up a comprehensive Wi-Fi infrastructure including free Wi-Fi at the town hall, city center and parks in a matter of months. Download the case study.

WiFi4EU Municipal Wi-Fi Deployments with Cambium Networks Technology

By offering efficient and affordable solutions that don’t require a large IT staff, Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi and intelligent switching solutions have been chosen for deployment in 2,384 municipalities participating in the program.

Network operators choose our Wi-Fi solutions because our intelligent edge architecture makes it easy to deliver online experiences that satisfy end users with:

Our technology and our network of integration partners make secure connectivity simple, scalable, secure and efficient. Contact us if you are looking to take control of your Wi-Fi with a turnkey connectivity solution.

Published June 17, 2022