How the Village of Standard Extended Fiber Connectivity in 21 Days

By Cambium Networks

The Village of Standard, in Alberta, Canada took charge of their destiny. They didn’t want to be on a waiting list for fiber. There are many thousands of small towns and villages just like Standard where businesses and residents need high-speed connectivity. While a fiber-to-the home network would certainly deliver the bandwidth needs, the cost and time required to deploy fiber is simply not a viable solution.

cnWave 60 GHz Fixed Wireless Broadband Extends the Fiber Core in Standard, Alberta

The 376 residents and 190 homes and businesses now have 150 Mbps baseline speeds that are upgradeable to 1 Gbps. This resulting connectivity is good for residents, good for local businesses and propels growth in the town and province.

“For the first time, we’re thrilled to be getting 150 Mbps speeds in our business – multiple people can be online at once without reducing the internet speeds.” Says Diane Knibb of Knibb Developments Ltd, a civil construction general contractor.

How did they do it?

  1. Expertise: Standard called on Connect Mobility, an internet service provider, to install, operate and maintain the network.
  2. Teamwork: The village, Connect Mobility and Fortis Alberta, the local power utility, partnered to deploy a cnWave 60 GHz distributed broadband mesh infrastructure using poles, rooftops and walls.
  3. Goal of Extending the Surrounding Community: Extend the multi-gigabit wireless network to connect 20 nearby farms using fixed wireless technology.

Merle Isaacson, Owner and Operator of Connect Mobility says, “Fast deployment of cnWave 60 GHz has extended the village’s fiber core to connect every business and resident. Adding the ePMP 3000 Wide Area Network was an excellent choice to support local families living on acreages and farms. Its proven architecture made it a great choice for Standard, Alberta.”

Read the details in the Village of Standard Achieves Gig Speed case study.

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With today’s technology, there is no reason to wait for fiber to be trenched to each home or business. Wireless technology can reliably and efficiently deliver multi-gigabit speeds in any village of any size – and it can be done in a matter of weeks.

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Published June 13, 2022