Why WISPs using the ePMP Force 4625 in 6 GHz Spectrum need the GPS UPS Receiver and Antenna Kit

By Bruce Collins

Essential for Regulatory Compliance: The ePMP Force 4625 Subscriber Module must be deployed with the GPS UPS Receiver and Antenna Kit (part number N000940L001A). This GPS Receiver—commonly referred to as the “puck”—is vital for adhering to regulatory standards. The GPS puck is essential for Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC), ensuring that devices provide precise location information ensuring operation within the 6 GHz spectrum without causing interference to incumbent 6 GHz license holders. This compliance is not just a technical requirement but a regulatory necessity, as only the GPS pucks specified by Cambium Networks are FCC certified with the ePMP Force 4625 Subscriber Module. Note that for the Force 4625 subscriber module the GPS Receiver must be purchased separately. For the ePMP 4600 and ePMP 4600L Access Points and for the Force 4600C Subscriber Module, a GPS receiver is built into the radio and an external antenna is included in the box.

Enhanced Network Performance: The puck enables precise geolocation services. This capability is crucial for optimizing network performance by allowing the system to make informed decisions about frequency allocation and power levels based on the exact location of each subscriber module. This is especially important in environments where interference potential is high, ensuring reliable and efficient network operation.

What Does It Do?

Real-Time Geolocation Tracking: The GPS puck provides real-time geolocation tracking by sending coordinates to the AFC every 24 hours. This data helps manage the 6 GHz spectrum efficiently, ensuring that each device operates within its allowed frequencies to minimize interference and maximize bandwidth utilization.

Is the GPS Puck Reliable?

Designed for Durability: The design of the GPS puck includes protection against environmental factors such as water exposure, which could lead to corrosion. The device’s IP55 rating indicates a robust design that resists dust and moisture, mitigating the risk of rust. Additionally, preventive measures like applying silicon gel can be used to further protect against corrosion.

Why Can’t You Just Use Any GPS Receiver?

Certification and Compatibility: The specific GPS puck used with the ePMP Force 4625 is the only one that has been certified by the FCC for use with this subscriber module. Using a non-certified GPS receiver is not in compliance with FCC regulations and can lead to operational failures. Cambium Networks ensures that its GPS pucks meet all necessary standards and are fully supported, unlike third-party alternatives which may not guarantee compatibility or performance.

What Are the Future Implications?

Adaptability and Evolution: Cambium Networks is actively exploring future enhancements which may eliminate the need for this external device. This approach reflects a commitment to keeping costs as low as possible without compromising on performance or reliability.

As the regulatory landscape and technology evolve, Cambium Networks’ proactive stance ensures that their devices not only meet current standards but are also poised to adapt to future changes, providing value and high performance to all stakeholders.

Published May 9, 2024