Cambium ONE Network: High Performance with Triple the Scale

By Srinidhi A R

NSE 3000 is a SD-WAN, security and network service delivery device. Not only is it a high-performance UTM device, but it also provides a lot of value addition with features like DNS filtering, LAN vulnerability assessment and IoT and device discovery. Now, Cambium Networks offers a complete networking stack with a Wi-Fi, switching and security portfolio; everything is managed using single-pane-of-glass network management, cnMaestro. Cambium’s ONE Network provides an enterprise-grade networking solution with greater ease of configuration, management, performance and reliability. What we offer is what we deliver!

In the ever-changing field of network infrastructure, adaptability and scalability are essential to address the evolving requirements of enterprises. With organizations expanding and technology advancing, the need to enhance network capabilities becomes crucial. We’ll explore the substantial enhancements made to NSE 3000, including increases in device limit, site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) tunnel count, VLAN support and the number of TCP connections. These features will allow NSE 3000 to be deployed in vertical markets such as Education, Distributed Businesses and Retail.

Device Limit Scaling

NSE serves as a frontline defense against cyber threats, making it a critical component of network security. By scaling the device support limit from 300 to 1000, we enhance a network’s capacity to handle increased traffic and accommodate a growing number of devices. This upgrade ensures robust protection for the network, applications and data. It also safeguards against potential security breaches and unauthorized access attempts.

Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel Scaling

In today’s interconnected world, VPNs play a crucial role in enabling secure communication and data exchange between remote locations. By increasing the site-to-site VPN tunnel count from 16 to 100, we empower organizations to establish secure connections between multiple sites, remote offices and cloud environments. This expansion enhances collaboration, data sharing and business continuity while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data and implementation of NSE 3000 in distributed enterprises.

VLANs Support Scaling

VLANs provide network segmentation and isolation, facilitating efficient traffic management and enhancing security. Expansion of VLAN support from 16 to 128 provides a greater flexibility in network design and configuration, allowing to segregate traffic, optimize performance, and enforce access control policies more effectively. This upgrade enables one to accommodate the diverse needs of organizations and adapt to evolving network requirements.

TCP Connection Limit Scaling

TCP connections form the backbone of communication over the internet, facilitating reliable data exchange between devices. By increasing the number of TCP connections from 64k to 256k, we have enhanced scalability, improved network performance, and ensured that our system can handle higher levels of concurrent connections without experiencing congestion or degradation in services. This enhancement enhances user experience, reduces latency, and ensures seamless connectivity across various applications and services.

All these enhancements are available to all the existing NSE customers on the same appliance at no additional cost. These significant upgrades—including scaling up device limit support, expanding site-to-site VPN tunnel count, boosting VLAN support and increasing TCP connections—signify our commitment to enhancing network scalability, performance and security. 

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Published May 3, 2024