We Make “Secret Sauce” for Wireless Service Providers

By Cambium Networks

Where does “secret sauce” come from? For each business, it is different. Dave Sobel’s article, “Do brands managed service providers use matter to customers?” got me thinking about network end customers’ fierce focus on high quality and speed at low costs while being completely indifferent to the underlying technology used.

The article points out, “When something is offered as a package, the sum is greater than the parts, and more importantly [end customers] are trusting the assembler. This is particularly true when it comes to services.”

If end users are truly indifferent to the specific technology used in their connectivity, the service providers who design and manage the networks should care much more. The performance of their network is their brand. The network operator’s real value delivered is in their ability to discern which solution will give the best business case in delivering high speed at low costs for their target customer base. This is a significant challenge.

Is the underlying technology a “secret sauce”? It absolutely is. If the technology delivers higher performance, then the service provider can get more throughput – and revenue – in a given amount of RF spectrum. Reliable technology requires less maintenance and downtime which aggregates up to higher end-customer satisfaction and a lower total cost of ownership – a truly sustainable advantage.

So as a service provider, how can you cut through the hype and clearly understand the technology before you install it in your network? One way is to check out Gartner Peer Reviews. You can find many peer reviews of Cambium Networks solutions here.

I encourage each network operator who uses our solutions to provide their personal review of our technology in a peer review. For a limited time, Gartner will provide a gift card as a token of appreciation for your input.

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Published September 10, 2020