WAV Launches the WAV Trail, a Free Oregon Trail-Inspired Game to Celebrate Pioneers of Broadband Connectivity

By Cambium Networks

WAV, MBSI WAV and Cambium Networks celebrate WISPs, the pioneers of broadband connectivity, through an Oregon Trail inspired game

AURORA, Ill., Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The classic Oregon Trail game has been reimagined for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) – and there’s no cholera in sight.

Developed in partnership by WAV, MBSI WAV and Cambium Networks, The WAV Trail is a homage to the unsung heroes of internet connectivity who work hard to close the digital divide. WISPs are invited to play the free online game to reminisce about the past and realize the efforts that go into building today’s broadband networks across North America.

“We’re grateful for the work that WISPs do to bring connectivity to Canada and the US,” says Zach Hubeck, Executive Vice President of Marketing at WAV. “This fun, nostalgic game is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the trailblazers who have spearheaded this ambitious journey to close the digital divide.”

According to researchers, 24 million Americans can’t access high-speed internet and many more can’t connect due to gaps in digital equity and literacy. To combat this disparity, WISPs have assumed the responsibility for building out local networks where major providers can’t or won’t serve, typically in rural and low-income communities.

The WAV Trail is a fun and educational tool that reminds our generation of the games we played on pre-dial up computers,” said Josh Luthman, Owner of Imagine Networks. “Instead of making your way through uncharted territories, the game will walk you through starting and operating a WISP to get your neighbors connected to the internet quickly and efficiently. Seeing a WISP operation condensed into an on-screen package is entertaining and humbling.”

To learn how WISPs help to close the digital divide, play The WAV Trail www.wavtrail.com

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Contact Information:
Zach Hubeck
Executive Vice President, Marketing

Published January 19, 2023