Unify and Simplify: The Wireless Convergence of WAN and LAN

By Bryan Sheppeck

In June 2020, Cambium Networks announced new Wi-Fi 6 solutions, bringing multi-gigabit wireless local area networks (WLAN) to indoor networks. Soon, outdoor networks will be included under this multi-gigabit category. Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 portfolio is based on a software-defined, multi-radio architecture that increases Wi-Fi speeds while also reducing ownership costs by up to 30% compared to competitive products. These Wi-Fi access points, switches and enhanced cloud-based software are ideal for enterprises, office buildings, retailers, schools, apartments and smart cities.

You may have also heard that Cambium Networks is working on a solution for multi-gigabit wireless wide area networks (WAN). This line of 60 GHz millimeter-wave technology will also be launched this summer. With this technology, service providers are going to be able to achieve the performance and reliability of fiber in places where fiber is just not economical. This architecture will very efficiently deliver business and residential high-speed broadband internet service.

Cambium Networks is enabling the wireless convergence of WAN and LAN types of networks. Management will also converge to a unified single system, cnMaestro, the simple end-to-end network management system. The power of the zero-touch provisioning enabled by cnMaestro allows service providers to create, provision and manage their entire network from a single dashboard.

Converged WAN and WLAN Deployment Stories

Here’s a look at a few of the more interesting deployments that utilize both Cambium Networks’ wireless broadband solutions and Wi-Fi solutions:

Polk County, Florida, United States: Cambium Networks’ PTP backhaul, PMP 450 distribution access and cnPilot Wi-Fi router were deployed to help first responders manage emergency situations, specifically hurricanes.

The results results were amazing! Even though we were situated in heavy tree cover, we were able to provide connectivity and throughput beyond expectations to the entire Emergency Services compound.”

– Ben Holycross, Radio Systems Manager, Polk County Florida

The South Asian Games, Guwahati (Assam) and Shilong (Meghalaya), India: The South Asian Games used Cambium Networks’ PTP backhaul, PMP 450 distribution access and cnPilot Wi-Fi access points solutions to connect attendees, media and 4,500+ athletes.

“All communications for the games were designed and installed in 30 days. The system consistently provided high bandwidth and coverage. We now have a trusted platform which can be deployed to meet business opportunities.”

– Biswajit Hazarika, Managing Director, Trans Virtual Pvt. Ltd.

Lesvos, Greece: Cambium Networks provided the equipment for wireless backhaul and free Wi-Fi for refugees on the island of Lesvos.

“The actual install of the Cambium gear took a week or so. Currently, there are four point-to-point links, one point-to-multipoint with four subscriber modules and nine hotspots.”

– Francisco Javier Pérez, Regional Technical Manager, Cambium Networks

Ramos Arizpe, Mexico: This growing city uses ePMP as their distribution network solution and cnPilot Wi-Fi access points for their hospitals, schools, parks and businesses.

“The network is a modular solution with easy and fast installation times, centralized administration, and constant monitoring of the operation that makes it easy to maintain and operate the network and detect and resolve failures.”

– Cesar Fajardo, Chief Technical Officer, Servitron

Sharing Our Expertise

While 60 GHz is not yet available, Cambium has decades of experience managing both wireless WANs and WLANs, as a focused provider to the wireless industry; it’s possible you may be a beginner in the wireless industry, or maybe you have been around as long as we have. Whatever the project is, Cambium Networks is here to help you unify and simplify your network. All you have to do is reach out to our team.

Bryan Sheppeck
SVP, WW Cambium Sales

Published August 13, 2020