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By Cambium Networks   April 19, 2022

Next-generation networks are not just about speed and latency, those are just table stakes to be in the game. The edge of the network will no longer be a static dumb pipe that delivers data. To keep up, the edge of the network must be intelligent and able to adapt and respond to change. It must become a platform to deliver a suite of network services that evolves over time.

The edge of the network is complex. It is not homogenous today; it is exactly the opposite. LAN equipment and WAN equipment are different: the products come from different vendors with different user interfaces for different functions. For example, the LAN requires configuring and managing the DHPC server, the VLANs and the Uplink Ports. In the WAN, you have to worry about the firewall rules, QoS rules and traffic prioritization. A lot of this is done manually, consuming an enormous number of resources to simply configure, troubleshoot and manage these two sides of the network.

Making these technologies all operate as a single platform can be achieved with centralized automated cloud services, which transform your network from a collection of disparate parts to a single, unified architecture.

I invite you to attend our Cambium Connections online event to learn how fixed wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity can help you profitably grow your business. Learn from industry experts and participate in our panels with managed service providers and broadband service providers.  

This year, there are 2 sessions in each region:

  • For MSPs – The only constant is change – and every change cycle is an opportunity to grow.  MSPs focused on delivering Gigabit services in multi-dwelling units (MDU), including apartments, condominiums, student housing and senior living, have a unique opportunity to offer residents streaming and gaming connectivity while digitally transform building operations for property owners. Learn how you can offer high-value services that meet the unique needs of both MDU property owners and residents.
  • For internet service providers – With the evolution towards intelligent edge networks, service providers can now transform their network from just a pipe into a platform for value-added revenue-generating network services. Learn how to differentiate service offerings with new spectrum in 6, 28 and 60 GHz and how our Quality of Experience solution can elicit customer delight.

Register for the session that fits your interests. You will find them to be worth your time.

I look forward to seeing you online and showing you how Cambium Networks is Connecting your World, Dynamically.