One Size Does Not Fit All

By Cambium Networks

The convenience of a “one size fits all” message is attractive on the surface, but it simply doesn’t work in deciding which technology to use for a communications network. Network users are different, as is the case in enterprise, industrial or residential users. Topologies are different whether the network serves dense urban locations, suburban areas or sparsely populated rural expanses. In our decades of work with enterprise Wi-Fi and fixed wireless service providers, we have learned that networks need to deliver consistently reliable connectivity at competitive prices. To do so, we closely study multiple technologies and optimize selected solutions that best fit the customer needs.

Cambium Networks understands these leading wireless technologies and is delivering solutions that offer real business value:

  • CBRS – New spectrum and sharing plan that enables fixed wireless operators to offer more services.
  • Wi-Fi 6 – Multi-gigabit wireless capacity and increased user density to support streaming video and new 802.11ax devices.
  • Millimeter Wave – 802.11ay standard multi-gigabit fixed wireless connectivity for urban and dense locations at a fraction of the cost of fiber.

In implementing these solutions, we fully understand the need for simplicity. Our cnMaestro™ and XMS cloud-based management systems enable network operators to easily manage multiple technologies from a single pane of glass.

Network operators who use these management systems fully understand that end customers don’t need or desire to understand the nuances of each technology – subscribers want reliable connectivity that is affordable. Implementing the best technology is the value provided by the service provider. Many are looking beyond providing a broadband connectivity pipe, and they are offering voice, data, video and managed services that end customers value. As these savvy network operators know, they become the “one service provider delivers all” to their selected customers.

Published September 16, 2020