One Radio Many Missions

By    July 27, 2015

The common thread in National Security and Critical Infrastructure communications applications is that missions vary dramatically based on changing objectives:

  • Disaster recovery and first responder situations may start small and localized before expanding rapidly in unexpected directions.

  • Border Security and Video Surveillance deployments are impacted by terrain, desired topology and changing capacity requirements.

  • Tactical deployments by definition are never the same twice. 

Department of Defense and Civilian/Law Enforcement federal agencies need platforms that can be adaptable both within a given mission, but also easily and rapidly re-deployed in the next mission where the requirements can be very different.

Today, Cambium Networks announced the PTP 700.  This new high performance point-to-point platform provides unprecedented deployment flexibility and long-term sustainability.  Leveraging the heritage of the PTP 600 with field proven security, ruggedization, and performance, the PTP 700 delivers up to 450 Mbps and covers both 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum as well as compliance with 4 GHz NTIA/NATO Band IV standards.  With a unique connectorized+integrated design, configuration and installation are easy – a single radio can be rapidly reconfigured in the field between the integrated antenna and an external passive reflector dish as link budget demands change.  In addition, the PTP 700 software roadmap includes the enhancements to support high-capacity multipoint configurations to supplement the point-to-point scenarios. 

This is a game changer for high speed field communications.  Missions using the PTP 700 can be adapted in-the-field and on-the-fly.  When one mission is completed the same set of radios can be flexibly re-deployed in different spectrum, different antenna configurations, and in different topologies (point to point or high-capacity multipoint).  In addition to the logistical benefits, this leads to a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership as procurement organizations are buying one model, agencies are stocking one model, and end users are trained on just one model.

View the PTP 700 Product Video and join the conversation on the Cambium Networks Community, or Contact Cambium Networks to learn more about the PTP 700.