Jazz Delivers Gigabit Speeds to Enterprises with High-Capacity Fixed Wireless Point-to-Point Links from Cambium Networks

By Yasir Naeem

Jazz – Pakistan’s leading 4G operator and the largest internet and mobile broadband provider – is on a mission to find the best infrastructure technology that can both bring new services and solutions to meet their clients’ needs and maximize the outcome of their budget. Faced with rising demand for faster connectivity and a saturated 5 GHz spectrum, Jazz found a way to provide connectivity that enables businesses to excel.

After conducting a series of rigorous tests with a number of technology partners, they decided to deploy fixed wireless solutions from Cambium Networks – a leading provider of wireless broadband networking infrastructure technology. Utilizing Cambium Networks’ high-capacity, wireless point-to-point (P2P) links will facilitate Jazz to offer its enterprise customers high bandwidth even in dense urban areas where wireless congestion, including Point-to-Point cross talk and interference, is high.

“As an organization spearheading digital transformation, it is extremely important for us to harness the finest infrastructure technology for our customers and play a monumental role in enabling digital growth in Pakistan. This partnership will open new avenues of growth for us and take customer experience to a new level. Together with Cambium Networks, Jazz envisions a robust and expansive connectivity infrastructure to meet the growing demands of our customers’ digital needs,” said Syed Ali Naseer, Chief Business Office at Jazz.

Jazz signed an agreement with Dreams Network & Technology PVT – a Cambium Networks distributor in Pakistan – to apply Cambium Networks’ point-to-point wireless equipment as the infrastructure solution for their enterprise customers’ connectivity backhaul so they can provide businesses top-grade internet connectivity, free of disruption. Jazz’s due diligence combined with the engineering expertise from Cambium Networks led to the powerful decision of equipping the local infrastructure with Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless 802.11ax Force 400 series equipment.

Our team is excited for the potential impact on the Pakistani community through Jazz’s services and are ready to provide hardware and software support to actualize this new agreement. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jazz’s professional team. They showed technical expertise and keen understanding of the current enterprise landscape in Pakistan, fully aware that businesses require reliable connectivity. We are happy to provide the latest 802.11ax point-to-point connectivity solutions for this purpose, and we will do our best to ensure that these solutions are functioning as intended and providing connectivity that just works.

Yasir Naeem is Regional Sales Manager for Cambium Networks.

Published October 3, 2022