High-speed Broadband Solutions Transform Holiday Park Camping

By Maurice Dini

In Spain, there are nearly 1,000 campgrounds spread throughout the country, especially in coastal and mountain areas. Each campground has more than 100 individual campsites. This figure confirms the success of a model that attracts people from all over the world and of all ages who prefer to spend their vacations or extended periods close to nature.

In recent years, this model has been undergoing a transformation, materializing in Glamping – glamorous campsites – with an increasingly diverse and sophisticated offering. This evolution has turned some campsites into resorts with top-quality facilities and advanced services, where connectivity and high-quality Internet access are a necessity.

For years, Cambium Networks has supported and promoted Glamping with a tailored proposal. This proposal includes technology, equipment, solutions, and services that cater to the specific needs of hospitality businesses located in natural settings, offering open and spacious settings with high-quality Wi-Fi access to connect the dozens of devices that a family will bring.

Recently in the UK, Wifinity connected 550,000 holiday park guests with one million devices. “Holiday parks depend on delivering exceptional guest experiences,” said Kendal Stacey, Director, Parks and Hospitality, Wifinity. “Our “Direct to Van” connectivity solution leverages Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless infrastructure and it has made a big impact.”

A dirt road to the white traditional country house, close-up. Sailing boats moored to the lake shore, hills and mountains in the background. Craighouse, Jura island, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, UK

Guests prefer to stay at holiday parks where they know they will have reliable connectivity. This is a strategic competitive advantage for campground operators looking to stand out among a crowd of options. These solutions offer higher capacity and coverage at a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Their advantages include lower equipment density, high user density, application visibility and control, and the ability to scale with demand.

High-quality and highly available Wi-Fi is a key factor in the new models of glamorous campsites defined by mobility and the use of multiple devices per user, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, consoles, printers, smartwatches, and more. This process has tripled the number of wireless devices, necessitating support for this growth.

Integral Solution

Cambium Networks’  hospitality solutions offer holiday park operators a complete end-to-end solution. This includes point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) fixed wireless broadband equipment that allows for dynamic allocation of maximum bandwidth to the camper location. This connection is then distributed across various Glamping facilities, including offices and services, restaurants, shopping areas, coworking spaces, beach bars, sports areas, swimming pools, cabins, caravan and motorhome areas, and camping areas. It also enables the utilization of this connectivity for the deployment of commercial applications, video surveillance systems, security, and perimeter control, IoT systems for lighting control, irrigation, and garbage collection, and even for the early detection of risk situations.

Building on this network infrastructure, Cambium Networks offers advanced Wi-Fi access and switching solutions. This technology provides both maximum bandwidth and the ability to accommodate a high number of devices concurrently while delivering a premium connectivity experience for users.

The portfolio is further enhanced by Artificial Intelligence-based cnMaestro™ cloud management solutions that automate deployment, and management. It also includes perimeter security and customer Quality of Experience solutions that utilize AI to ensure a premium Glamping experience proactively always.

Cambium Networks’ ONE Network

Cambium Networks offers a unique and scalable wireless solution that can be tailored to meet the connectivity needs of holiday parks. The ONE Network portfolio of solutions is not only scalable but also significantly reduces the required equipment, installation costs, and overall network ownership expenses. Wireless solutions provided by Cambium Networks are modular, fully upgradeable, and equipped with programmable hardware that can grow and adapt as your network evolves, ensuring a long useful life. All of this can be easily managed from the cnMaestro cloud platform.

Cambium Networks and our experienced partners offer campground owners a faster and more straightforward deployment, with reduced equipment and support infrastructure requirements. The hardware is scalable to accommodate Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E technologies without necessitating equipment replacement. Zero-touch provisioning and automatic cloud activation significantly simplify the implementation, operation, and management of camping and glamping networks.

Campground guests can relax the way they want with the connectivity for their devices, and campground owners provide access at a lower cost with less hassle because the Wi-Fi just works all the time.

Maurice Dini is the Iberia and Med Region Sales Manager for Cambium Networks

This text appeared on the Tragourmet web site.

Published December 15, 2023