Expect Excellence

By Morgan Kurk

Since its inception, the communications industry has created tremendous value and enabled exponential improvements in the human condition. It is integral to every prospering economy around the world. The opportunity to contribute to this industry which “does good” is what drives me every day.

Over the years, innovation has resulted in a broadband industry that is composed of multiple wireless and wired technologies. The convergence of these technologies signifies the potential for new levels of efficiency and performance across all types of network operators. The opportunity for Cambium Networks, our customers and partners, and our customers’ customers is enormous. Cambium Networks is small enough to be agile, large enough to be stable, and has an innovative (particularly in wireless technologies and software) and loyal team that cares deeply about their mission to connect the world. Greatness is within sight.

My immediate priorities are:

  1. Solutions that deliver value – Our approach is to focus on products and markets where we can be a leader. Over the coming weeks, I look forward to conversations about our strategy with the Cambium Networks team, customers, and partners.
  2. Excellence in execution – Our world is complex. It takes hard work to ferret out the details and significant energy to create new solutions. The best ideas, when well executed, are the most valuable ones that change people’s lives. 
  3. Profitable growth – This requires focus on those areas where we can be consistently successful. With that comes efficiency and scale for our customers, partners, and investors.

Over the coming weeks, I will be immersing myself in the Cambium community and technology. I will periodically share my impressions and thoughts in this forum. Let me know the topics you’d like me to cover by sharing your thoughts here.

Published August 7, 2023