Everest Link and Cambium Bring Extreme Internet to Everest

By Ray Savich

Everest Link uses Cambium Networks solutions to connect the most daunting areas at the very top of the world, bringing communications for climbing expeditions, community projects, and education to northeastern Nepal.

Until recently, the region had few choices for Internet based services. Craggy hills, slippery ice, and swift rivers have always presented major logistical difficulties. The environmental hindrance of regional technological development was a constant challenge for education, health services, and communication capabilities in general. Another major obstacle is power. The only option is renewable energy, but all the solar panels and devices had to be carried to installation sites by either people or pack animals. Cambium’s compact, lightweight, energy efficient solutions made them the ideal choice for

Tsering G. Sherpa, CEO, Everest Link: “Given our hostile terrain, there are areas where to check on your system, it may take a couple of days of hard work just to get there. But today, we’ve deployed over 200 hotspots in more than 40 villages. We connect 34,000 locals and over 40,000 tourists annually, which is a new record for tourism. We also reach more than 1,600 climbers on the various mountains including Everest. Our goal is to give them a perfect connection across the toughest terrain in the world. With the PTP 650 we have a solid link all the time – it gives us high throughput and perfect reliability. At the moment, we’re connected to the Everest base camp. There, at 5,320 meters altitude, we have a solar powered cnPilot™ e500 outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot.”

Everest Link’s commitment to their community doesn’t stop at providing connectivity to support the tourism industry. High speed connectivity has offered solutions to many regional challenges. They’ve begun a distance-learning program because few teachers are available for remote Himalayan schools. To further bolster the local economy, the ISP has made every hotel and business entity in their coverage area a stakeholder – making Everest Link a truly community-oriented company.

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Published December 15, 2017