A Gift of Independence

By Cambium Networks   December 20, 2017

A bicycle is an important element in the lives of young people. The bicycle gives them their first real experience of independence, choice and speed. It also fosters their sense of responsibility, as they must be aware of their surroundings, learn to take care of the bike, and choose where to go in their world. For some, it is their first personal encounter with mechanics, and they are inspired to see how things work.

To celebrate our sixth anniversary, Cambium Networks donated 60 new bicycles to elementary school students in Chicago. It is one way that our employees are serving others in our community to celebrate the goodness in life.

Our Rolling Meadows employees worked together to assemble the bicycles. While each of us has deadlines and commitments, it is good to set those aside for an hour or two and work side by side with a colleague and complete a bicycle. The goal of building 60 bicycles in a morning may seem daunting. While each of us is faced with seemingly challenging business numbers, it is also pleasing to see people from different areas of the company work together, some meeting for the first time, and complete all 60 in less than two hours. Teamwork makes the challenge achievable.


In business, we all seek to delight our customers. Those moments of delight happen, but they are nowhere near as euphoric as giving bicycles to children who have not had the opportunity to have one. In partnership with McAuliffe Elementary School in Chicago, the staff and faculty selected those students who demonstrated their hard work and community spirit and whose lives would be improved with their first bicycle. As adults, we can all appreciate their delight and joy in this video of the event.

Cambium Networks employees around the world celebrate this moment and will continue to give back to our local communities in other events in 2018 and beyond.

We wish the McAuliffe students all the best with their new independence.