Enterprise WLAN: A Compelling Market for Cambium Networks

By Morgan Kurk

A message from Cambium Networks CEO Morgan Kurk

As Cambium Networks’ newly appointed CEO, I have been reviewing all product lines in preparation for creating a new strategic plan. Because Cambium Networks is still an emerging player in the Enterprise WLAN business, I have already been asked if we are committed to remaining in this market. The answer is an emphatic yes. It is a critical element to the success of the company as a whole.

In my experience, Enterprise WLAN is a diverse market with multiple important verticals, and we are well positioned to serve some of them, assisted by modern architecture. Our freedom to quickly adapt and innovate for certain subsegments of today’s market is a competitive advantage we will use to succeed, and with your close market touch, we expect to take share for all of us. I look forward to driving this innovation, simplification, and customization and continuing my conversations with you.

Cambium Networks became a leader in the market for fixed wireless broadband infrastructure by delivering quality products at an affordable price. Our traditional recipe of one part low-cost platforms, one part innovation, and one part software will be augmented by one part speed and one part focus—all mixed with outstanding technical support and service.

Since 2017, we’ve been applying the strategy to the Enterprise WLAN market. This was complemented by the acquisition of Xirrus in 2019 with its advances in a distributed-controller Wi-Fi architecture and software-defined radios. From 2017 to 2022, our Wi-Fi revenue growth averaged 50% per year.

With persistent talent shortage and higher capital costs, the simplicity we are building into our solution is paramount in the minds of network operators. I’m optimistic about the opportunity for Cambium Networks and our enterprise partners for three reasons:  

  • A low total cost of ownership using industry-standard technologies and a cloud-native architecture (on-premises controllers are also offered)
  • Intelligent software that is easily used to secure and optimize the network
  • Capable, loyal partners, coupled with sales and support team, ready to design and deliver affordable networks that just work

I’m very excited to be back in the networking market and look forward to working with my colleagues at Cambium Networks to drive innovation up and TCO down. Click the button below to let me know the topics you’d like me to address or any questions you have.

Published August 21, 2023