Empowering the World Through Connectivity

By Cambium Networks

Heroes are not confined. They have an inner drive to enrich the lives of others by doing what has never been done before. They solve a problem and leave an example as their legacy. We recognize service providers who have extended connectivity with fixed wireless and Wi-Fi 6 access to support education and healthcare. We also salute the teams of system integrators who rapidly deliver connectivity to alleviate shipping port congestion during the worldwide supply chain shortages.

Our 2021 Wireless Connectivity Hero of the Year has brought multi-gigabit speeds to a world class city, providing an example of how to quickly and efficiently deploy high-speed connectivity in city centers.

While we spotlight these heroes, we know that there are many more people connecting the world. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company who is making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

2021 Wireless Connectivity Hero of the Year

Stephen Cornish, CEO Pentanet – neXus – a world-first gigabit wireless network for Perth.

Pentanet is more than a telecommunications company, leading the digital edge by connecting Australians to the next generation of internet connectivity and entertainment technologies. The service provider is blazing a trail to build a multi-gigabit fixed wireless network, using 60 GHz cnWave with Terragraph technology to connect business and residential customers. Learn more about Pentanet’s neXus here.

4Q 2021 Heroes:

Buckeye Mountain Team – Improving efficiency at ports and rail yards

Buckeye Mountain is a leading system integrator of communications solutions for the railroad and intermodal industries, integrating fixed wireless and outdoor Wi-Fi technology into their Rapid Deploy family of connectivity solutions. Shown are Martin Boyas, Director of Field Services & Engineering, Steve Hill, Director of Wireless Engineering, and James Crooks, Sr. Solutions Architect – Rapid Deploy System.

Harold Johnston, Alaska Tribal Broadband – Connecting Tribal lands

Harold has worked tirelessly for the past three years overcoming the immense challenges of providing broadband services for the underserved and completely unserved tribal villages throughout Alaska.  Deploying fixed wireless infrastructure in some of the most remote regions on earth is no small task, but Harold’s efforts will soon dramatically enhance economic opportunities and quality of life for these underserved communities.

Published March 14, 2022