Deliver Gigabit Speed Over Wireless Now

By Scott Imhoff

Subscribers, whether they’re residential addresses or enterprise addresses, want gigabit-level connectivity. Whether or not they actually consume that capacity is a separate issue, but there is no doubt that the requests for gigabit subscriptions are increasing. Customers are paying for 100 Mbps to gigabit capacity.

Service providers are responding. Technology is keeping up with both the expressed interest of the service provider as well as the subscriber themselves, whether it’s VDSL or DOCSIS 3.x or GPON. And now, the capabilities of fixed wireless broadband support gigabit to the edge.

60 GHz spectrum is allowing disruptive ISPs to move aggressively into the suburban and urban markets, traditionally tightly held by MSOs and MNOs. They can deploy quickly, they can deploy inexpensively, and they could provide gigabit connections directly competing with those MSOs and MNOs.

Cambium Networks’ ePMP and PMP 450 fixed wireless solutions have an established presence serving 100 megabit service agreements, and with 6 GHz, we will be able to provide gigabit connections at range. This year, we will be introducing our first fixed 5G platform at 28 GHz and deliver 500 megabits to more densely populated markets. 60 GHz cnWave™ is proving to be ideal for that urban core: relatively short-range, high-density gigabit to the edge. And we can layer both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access on top of that transport network.

Hybrid networks enable service providers to:

  • Accelerate time to service, avoiding the time and cost of fiber deployment the last 100 meters
  • Achieve faster time to revenue via faster time to service
  • Optimize capital investment by reducing upfront costs and substantial lower cost per address passed
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Drive a higher return on investment

I invite you to view my recorded presentation from Cambium Connections to learn more about the important role of 60 GHz cnWave in extending hybrid networks. Also, to view the entire recording of the full Cambium Connections session, including 60 GHz case studies, network operator panels and Q&A sessions, please register for any or all of the sessions at the links below:

Published October 7, 2021