Create Your Wireless Future

By Scott Imhoff

No Way does one size fit all. While the worldwide demand for connectivity continues to grow, networks are becoming as unique as the people that use them. By designing connectivity that best meets the needs of the business and end users, enterprises and service providers have a formula for sustainable advantage. Get the latest information on the evolution of fixed wireless technology to make the most of your planning process.

I invite you to join Cambium Networks for our first global Cambium Connections online customer event. Industry experts joining us in the program include:

  • Rahul Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Connectivity and Networking at Qualcomm Technologies. Rahul will be presenting Advances in Wireless Networking Technologies and his views on the shift in data usage, cloud dynamics and how these are increasing productivity and revolutionizing people’s experiences regarding services.
  • Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis. Dean is an independent telecoms industry analyst and futurist. He covers a wide array of mobile and wireless sectors, including technology and policy issues. He has covered private cellular networks and Wi-Fi for more than 20 years. (@disruptivedean),
  • Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research. Maribel specializes in understanding how technology trends such as mobile, big data, social media, and cloud computing will transform business. Her clients include firms of all sizes, from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies.

I will be presenting along with Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Cambium Networks, Rahul Patel, and members of the Cambium Networks executive team. Sessions include:

  • The Time Has Come for 6 GHz and Wi-Fi 6E: Expansion into the 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum is a significant development for the wireless industry.
  • Wireless Gigabit to the Edge – Vision to Reality: Understand the global trends, opportunities and challenges of 5G fixed private networks and wireless solutions.
  • 60 GHz – Multi-Gigabit Fixed Wireless, Something for Everyone: Learn why 60 GHz, Terragraph technology and the 802.11ay standard are game changers in delivering high-speed, low-latency use cases.
  • How Will Wi-Fi 6 and 5G Coexist? Which technologies will provide the capacity, reliability and latency needed?  
  • How to Deliver Quality of Experience: Quality of Service (QoS) is not enough. Gain insights on how leading wireless network operators are achieving higher Quality of Experience (QoE) using the unlicensed spectrum.
Published February 18, 2021