Converged Cloud Management for the Network Edge

By Bruce Miller

Network administrators and operators are challenged to deliver superior online experiences while at the same time dealing with scarce IT resources. They want a complete end-to-end view of the network and a common workflow. cnMaestro™ brings everything together to deliver optimized performance across all of the elements of the Cambium Networks wireless fabric portfolio at the network edge.

The new cnMaestro 3.1.1 release includes the following new functionality:

  • New product support – manage the new XE3-4 and XE5-8 Wi-Fi 6E APs, new outdoor XV2-2T1 AP, plus Xirrus APs
  • Increased cnWave 60GHz visibility – Visual status of 60GHz links and devices and increased visibility of performance and events
  • Increased security scalability – increased scalability of unique ePSK security keys, doubling support from 1K to 2K per AP and increasing the total per system to 50K. ePSKs enable simple secure onboarding and efficient roaming (on a single SSID) and across an entire Wi-Fi network
  • Application visibility at the network edge – Visibility of over 2,400 different applications across the Wi-Fi access network enabling monitoring of application and application category usage per client (3.1), per site, and per system to detect misuse, causes of congestion, and usage trending
  • Automated 6E Migration – Wi-Fi 6E Migration Assist leverages the SW-defined radios on XE-series APs to manage graceful migration of Wi-Fi networks to 6 GHz.

The cnMaestro single converged management platform for Cambium Networks reduces the cost and training required for managing multiple technologies. It empowers remote troubleshooting abilities to increase efficiency and minimize on-site service requirements.

Find out more and ask your questions live. Plan to attend the Scale and Secure Your Cambium Wireless Network with the New cnMaestro™ X 3.1.1 Release webinar describing the new converged cloud management capabilities on June 01 at 10 am US CST. Register here.

Learn about the new features in our cnMaestro 3.1.1 video demonstration.

Published June 1, 2022