Connection is Everything

By Cambium Networks

Connecting makes a significant difference in the life of each person. People thrive when they connect. You can see it in schools, homes, and workplaces. There is a lot more to Cambium Networks than connectivity technology. To be sure, the 13 million radios we have shipped have connected at least 100 million people. Our team members find that the ability to be respected in a collaborative environment helps them create better solutions than any one person can possibly imagine.

“We all come from many diverse backgrounds and experiences, which allows us to get a different perspective on ideas and contribute to good brainstorming sessions at times. I enjoy the camaraderie that Cambium fosters among its employees, and the fact that we all work together as one team for the best interests of our customers and our partners.” – Amanda K. Product Management

Because our team members are valued, they want to build solutions that improve education, healthcare, public safety and strengthen families. Because they feel supported in providing for the people they love, each of us is doing the best we possibly can with the talents that we have. When our enterprise, service provider and municipal customers choose to deploy a connectivity solution from Cambium Networks, that piece of technology carries with it the best work from not only our product development teams, but our operations, channel, finance, legal, marketing and sales team as well.

Through the recent COVID pandemic, each of us was faced with an unprecedented challenge. Thanks to the flexibility and resilience of each person, Cambium Networks was able to continue to provide excellent solutions as people adjusted to working from home, while also developing new technologies to stay ahead of the curve now.

We are pleased that Fortune magazine has named Cambium Networks to their 2023 Best Workplaces in Chicago. Our passion is to re-imagine communications technology to be simpler and more efficient. Our core values guide us in how we achieve that goal. If you are interested in joining our mission, I welcome the opportunity to start a conversation. I invite you to explore our opportunities here.

Published June 15, 2023