Connecting through Hurricane Florence

By Bryan Sheppeck

At Cambium Networks, we often speak about “Connecting the Unconnected,” and doing so in all types of tough conditions. A great example came up this morning as I listened to the news reports coming from Frying Pan Tower, 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina and on the front edge of Hurricane Florence, which is bearing down on the Carolinas. As the storm has slowed and been reported as dropped down to a “Category 2” storm, many might be considering the risk to be diminished. However, one look at the high quality video footage from Frying Pan Tower tells a different story and will hopefully send a powerful message to those on the fence about seeking safe haven.

The live video link and associated live interviews with the team on  the tower is enabled by a Cambium Networks wireless broadband point-to-point PTP 650 link, operating over a length of 56 miles and obviously doing so over swirling waters and in 100+ mph winds.  These are the types of conditions and situations where we are most proud of all the work that Cambium Networks engineers and partners do to ensure the links stay up in the most critical moments.

My most sincere admiration and appreciation to the myriad of customers and partners who build the networks that keep communications happening and keep people connected under the most adverse conditions.

To our Atlantic seaboard friends:  Good luck and our strongest wishes that you stay safe during the storm.

To the rest out there, another humbling reminder that despite our technological advancements, mother nature can be terribly unpredictable.

Published September 13, 2018