PTP 650 Keeps Frying Pan Tower Connected to Report Storm Conditions

By Cambium Networks   September 14, 2018

A Cambium Networks PTP 650 wireless broadband link is withstanding 99+ mph winds to enable transmission of live video feed across 56 miles of water and coastal land under assault by Hurricane Florence. Teams reporting on weather conditions are able to gather and share the information area residents need to keep themselves safe during this harrowing storm.

Frying Pan Tower is located 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina, and the connectivity sustained by the rugged PTP 650 despite the intensity of the disastrous weather is helping emergency response personnel, media, and communities affected by the storm to make decisions about evacuation and other preparations.

With the unpredictability of weather, real time information is vital. Cambium Networks salutes first responders, emergency workers, local authorities, and storm specialists, whose efforts support the safety of residents as the storm continues to ravage the landscape.

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